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RMS Olympic Elang Erlangga

RMS OLYMPIC Art Print by Elang Erlangga "First Sight of the New World"

This print is part of a special edition limited to 100 graphic prints, each of which is made-to-order, numbered, and hand-signed by the artist himself! Imported from Bali, Indonesia, these prints come in two sizes: Standard Size 13.77" x 19.68" (35cm x 50cm) and Poster Size 23.62" x 35.43" (60cm x 90cm).


Artist's Description: "As the last, fleeting rays of sunlight fade on the far western horizon, the Atlantic coast’s lonely sentinels of the night begin their important work. For many decades, lightships guarded the many hazards of the shallow parts of the sea, their crews braving the dangers of much larger vessels passing them in the night as they lay at anchor to mark the way to safe harbor.


On the night of June 20, 1911, as dusk falls and the sunlight fades, the brand new RMS Olympic, the largest moving object yet built by the hand of man, passes the modest little lightship LV-85 as it stand guard along the dangerous shoals south of the island of Nantucket. While not quite at the official end of her crossing, which would come at 2:24am on June 21st when she passed the Ambrose lightship, the sighting of the Nantucket lightship marks the new liner’s first sighting of an emissary of the New World. Olympic was at the start of a long, storied, and successful career. LV-85, launched in 1907, would outlast her, though, serving in various capacities until 1962.


The lightships stationed off Nantucket would greet passing liners for many, many years to come, with the danger they faced in their work underscored in 1934 when the same Olympic would collide, in fog, with LV-117, sinking that ship before rescuing seven of the 11 crew. Only four of these would survive."


The original artwork was a commission painted with acrylics on stretched canvas (40cm x 60cm) and completed on October 20th, 2022 (which is the 113th anniversary of RMS Olympic's launch).


All prints are produced with archival ink on thick high quality photo paper and then laminated with a fine dull finish to protect the artwork and reduce the typical glossiness to a minimum.

    PriceFrom $85.00
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