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Dear Ocean Liner Enthusiasts,

Let’s face it, vintage ocean liner wrecks will disintegrate over the next few decades. But unlike RMS Titanic, other legendary ship wrecks haven’t been fully documented, researched, or preserved yet! Join our mission now to learn how you can help save the legacy of legendary ocean liners!

The Ocean Liner Conservancy™ is the flagship initiative of Ocean Liner Endeavors, L.L.C. Founded on June 7th, 2021, the California start-up company has been purposefully designed to generate project funding for non-profit organizations exploring and preserving historically significant ocean liners and shipwrecks for future generations. 

Over the past 100 years, many famous ocean liner wrecks, like the RMS Titanic, RMS Lusitania, or HMHS Britannic, have been disintegrating at an ever-increasing pace, and time is running out to save them. But even iconic ocean liners that have been spared the ultimate sacrifice, the scrapyard, like the SS United States, and the Queen Mary, also are in bad shape and require urgent repairs to stay afloat.

​However, one major obstacle that nonprofit organizations tend to face is the notorious lack of funding available for these purposes. Making things more challenging is the fact that underwater expeditions are very complex and expensive endeavors, which most non-profit entities can't raise sufficient donations for. But we're on a mission to get the ball rolling!

Nikolaus Thomas Grohne, Founder of Ocean Liner Endeavors, gained valuable insight into the challenges of securing funding while he was working as fundraising volunteer with Mr. Gregg Bemis, the late American explorer and previous owner of the RMS Lusitania wreck. Unfortunately, Mr. Bemis passed away in May 2020 without having had the chance of completing his planned extensive research expedition. 

In July 2020, Mr. Grohne began to further develop his ideas how to raise and/or generate funding for these kind of research and conservation projects. Running his ideas by deep-sea divers, maritime professionals, and nonprofit organizations gave Mr. Grohne the opportunity to keep developing and revising his concepts. 

Launching The Ocean Liner Conservancy in April 2022 was the first milestone in pursuing the ultimate goal of becoming a corporate sponsor for before mentioned conservation projects. This website is the primary platform to raise awareness about the importance of ocean liner and shipwreck conservation. Furthermore, its Ocean Liner Heritage Store is an e-commerce business with the sole purpose of generating project funding. 

Join our mission now: Buy a product in our store and help conserve the legacy of legendary ocean liners and shipwrecks for future generations!

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Every purchase you make will help fund licensed and scientific expeditions to legendary Ocean Liner wrecks, as well as support the recovery and proper conservation of invaluable artifacts for Museums.

For more information about our Conservancy initiative, our products, or questions about your order, please contact us via

or by phone (424) 203 9733. 

We are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. Thank you.

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